Friday, November 8, 2013

Communion of Saints




Narrative Writing

Petelo - THE BIG CUT
Once there was a family who went into the bush. They loved to explore new things. The oldest son wore slippers and the rest didn't. They took heaps of photos, while they were doing that the oldest son went to look for a good spot to have their picnic. They all heard a yell “ ahhhhhhh”, they looked for the oldest son but they couldn't find him until the little sister said “ why can’t we just follow the voice”.

They did what she said but they couldn't because the voice was around them. The dad commanded “ we are going to go separate ways, who ever finds him yell out and tell us where you are”. The oldest son still yelled out in pain, lucky the sister did what she was thinking. She followed the sound and caught him sitting in front of her.

She yelled out “I got him, I got him”, they rushed to the place she was and saw that his feet was dark red. Lucky there was a man who was doing the same thing. He kept a first aid kit just in case something bad happens to him. The family asked for a bandage, he said “oh ok but what had happened.

The son told him that he had stepped on a really big glass. The man had tried to pull out the big glass but the son said it hurts. The mum had called the Ambulance and the Rescue Helicopter. They waited and waited finally they arrived to the bush. The dad was standing in front of the entry sign. He could hear the Ambulance’s siren and Rescue Helicopter.

The dad yelled out “hey over here” and he waved at it. They rushed out with their equipment. There was a lot of bandages inside the Ambulance, the Rescue Helicopter searched for a good spot to land in. The Paramedics ran to the place the oldest son was at. They took out a big tool and pulled out the glass. He yelled in pain again but they pulled until it came out. The Paramedics said “I think someone drank here and cracked the glass where your feet got cut”, they wrapped it with a white long layer. The family thanked them and invited them to go over to there house for the oldest brothers birthday party.       



This week is the testing week.

I think I did really good on my spelling test because I got a total of 76. We had only 10 chances and I felt scared because I thought that I was not gonna make it. I tried to get to straight 10s but I didn't. I was happy when I got the score 76.

Monday, September 16, 2013


It was a sunny and cloudy day but we still went on to play the rugby tournerment. We played against Panmure Bridge and my team St Pius X Catholic School won that round, I think they didn't have a try on the first round. We were underfeated until the Tamaki Primery defeated us. We came second and we won the semi finals, and then we went to challenge them again. The referees called it off because it was raining and it was dangerous because when we run we slip and we catch mud on our mouth and face. What a day we have had.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maths Equation

I am learning  about division problems that can have fractions as the answer.
Can you solve my problem?

I  have 4 cakes and I need to share it to 5 people. What fraction of a cake does each person get?

I firstly need to cut  the 4 cakes  into  5 slices. I then divide them which means that each person gets 4/5 of a cake each. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Feast Of St Pius X

Feast day of St Pius X,Everybody in St Pius X Catholic School went to the church to celebrate the feast of St Pius X together. We made a slideshow about St Pius, I didn't know that his first name was Joseph Sarto. Pope Pius X, was born in Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto. he was the head of the Catholic Church from the 4 of August 1903 till his death in 1914. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Petelo Portfolio 2013 Level 3 Multiplication

1.    When Jasmine makes lemonade she uses 6 lemons for every litre of water. How many lemons does she need for

i)     2 litres of water?    ___12_______

I just doubled the 6 and the 1 litre
ii)    3 litres of water?    ___18_______

I did 3 x 6 =18
iii)   10 litres of water?  60
I did 10 x 6 = 60

2.   Devinda is doing some baking. When he uses his mum's recipe he can make 8 muffins. When he doubles the recipe he gets 16 muffins. How many lots of the recipe does he need to make

i)     24 muffins?     ____8______

ii)    32 muffins?     ___8_______

iii)   56 muffins?     ___7_______

8 x 7 = 56


Show how you work out these problems.

1.  A gardener planted 7 rows of cabbages.  Each row has 5 cabbages.  How many cabbages did plant altogether?

7 x 5 = 35 -  Petelo, you really need to learn your basic fact multiplication and division .

THERE WILL BE 35 IN EACH -  check your answer .

2.  I have 5 bags of lollies.  Each bag has 10 lollies.  How many lollies do I have?

5 x 10 = 50
THERE WILL BE 50 IN EACH  -  Yes!  this should really be easy enough.

3.   I have 24 pencils to put into 4 pencil cases.  How many pencils in each case?

24 divided by 6 = 4 -  Petelo, read the question again.  How many pencil cases.


4.  There are 30 apples to put into 3 boxes.  How many apples will be in each box?

3 X 10 = 30  -  How did you know?
Because it says 30 apples in 3 boxes it divided the 30 into three tens. So I timed the 3 in 10 equals 30 and my answer is 30


Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Description about my friend Pauliasi

True friends are friends that are always by your side when you're sad and lonely, and Pauliasi is that kind of friend. Pauliasi has black short straight hair and brown coloured eyes Pauliasi is tall and skinny.  

Pauliasi is very talented. He is very musical. He plays the drums, and ukulele and he also plays Rugby and Basket Ball. He is also fast at running and he is very funny too.  He is creative, smart and sporty. I think that he is good at Maths. He is artistic and he is good at drawing.

Ever since I have met Pauliasi he has always been funny, outgoing and a handsome person. Most of the time Pauliasi is always happy and smiling. I think that I am lucky that I met a talented and gifted boy like Pauliasi.

My swimming day

It’s the first day of swimming for room7. We entered  the courts and when we got to the front of the swimming pool our teacher reminded us to have no T-Shirts on while we’re swimming. The swimming pool had a fog because it was hot. She told us that the year 7's will enter the swimming pool first she then commanded the year 8’s will go and stand by the swimming pool. When it was the year 8’s turn I rushed to the back quickly. It was a bit cold but when the time carried on it got warmer and warmer and it felt like I was still at Tonga. From where I was I could smell the chlorine. I started doing a torpedo and streamline it was my bestest experience in my life. I couldn't breath that much so I kept on looking up. I wish I could have a longer time but it has to be fair because the year 7’s had only 30 minutes and we had 30 minutes too. At the end we had free time for only 4 minutes. I was the last to leave and the last to change into my school uniform.  

Description of myself

I have straight black and white hair and dark brown eyes. I am a young boy with fat build. I am a presentable person.
I am cheeky and I cause trouble.   I am a  brave person because I am not afraid to ask questions or answer them.  I am honest about my work, myself  and to others.
I a am creative person and very artistic.  I love drawing and creating things with paints and wood.

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Hobbi

I’m learning to describe something I like to do the most

My Hobby is to play music. Every time I go home I always like to drum everywhere. I like watching movies that has music in it. My hand sways this way and that way across the wall or the table. I also like to do different kind of beat.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crayon and Dye

The Water Represents new Life
The Candle Represents The Blessing of the Fire
The Bible Represents the liturgy of the word.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers day

My Mum is a very kind person and she gives up her time for her family. She cleans up our mess without anger and making a noise. My mum is always a caring person. If my mum was gone I would have no one to talk to and no one to share my secrets with.

Monday, April 8, 2013


In Triduum there are 4 important things:

Last supper:   Jesus and his disciples having the passover.
Washing the feet:   Jesus washed the disciples feet after supper.
The Veneration of the cross:  People kissing the cross .
Easter Sunday Vigil mass:  When Jesus was Crucified.


The past few weeks in R.E I have learnt what prayer is. The picture I have drawn is my understanding of what prayer is.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Liturgy

Today is a holy day. St Pius X Catholic School had a liturgy all about Easter. I was a soldier and I had to be mean to Jesus. The liturgy started and I walked down the church. First I was an Apostle. We sat on the front and we acted the last supper. After that I walked outside to change into my soldier clothes.
Dear Eternal God please help me not to be mean to anyone  


Friday, March 22, 2013

I am a child of God

  I am a child of God who

  • goes to church
  • loves to play rugby,touch
  • is from the Sanalio Family
  • loves to sing
  • loves to play with friends
  • is in room7
  • is a year 8
  • goes to a catholic school
  • Kind to others
  • loves to play music
  • respects other
  • is a son of Salote and Kosimo

Thursday, March 21, 2013


It was a nice sunny day, all of the St Pius X Student went into the church for Soul Friends mass that we had prepared.After the mass has
ended it was time to get ready for athletics. My house colour was red, and my house team name is Tuis. I was one of the leaders in my team, It was fun being a leader because I could do anything. I was wearing a green wig.  We teamed up with the MIGHTY GECKOS, their house colour was green. Miss G one of the teachers at our school said “Can all of the 12 years can you please go to the far end were Mrs Tui is and you will be doing shot put”. Mrs Tui is my class teacher, The shot put balls was only 2 kg.  I came second in shot put and my best mate Pauliasi came first.

The bell rang it was time for everyone to move on to the next event. We were with Mrs Pole the teacher of Room 4. We did the Optical Course, it was tiring, Mrs Mat one of the helpers was timing us. When it came to my turn I ran as fast as I could, I was hot  but I managed to keep on going until I reached the end. We came second and Geckos came first,. The next step was the High jump. I felt confident to do the high jump and to scared at the same time. “Time to start”  yelled the school principal I ran as fast as I can but I didn’t make it. It was time to go back to our house for lunch, it was nearly time to go home. I was happy for what I got.



Room 7 and 6 went out for Triathlon.   It was a great experience.     It was the first time we had triathlon at St. Pius X School.   

First we compete with others. We started of by running and then we have to hop on the bikes we choose.  I didn’t run fast because if I ran fast I will be huffing and puffing when I get to my bike.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello and Welcome to 2013 School Year.  I am now in year 8 and I am looking forward to share more of my works and learning with you.   I had a good start and am very happy with the people in my class.  I am going to work hard to make sure I achieve at my expected level.  GREAT LEARNING EVERYONE.

Bio Poem

Tall, Artistic, Rough,
Siblings of Sione, Poni, Alan, Jane,
lover of games and lover of laughter
Who gives help to others when they need me.
who would like to see others carring.
Who lives in NZ.