Friday, June 3, 2011

Mary MacKillop’s show!!!!!

Last year Mary was made a Saint and since Julie and Kelly had been New Zealand and Austria and they finally they arrive at Saint Pius X School. Our school had been turned to be into a theatre. She is one of a sister and she always wore a black and white cola and they were kind and they helped the poor.
Their names were Sister Culumbkille, Sister Saintm,Sister Data, Sister Emily, Sister Mary MacKillop, Mother Mary MacKillop, Sister Mary MacKillopcrop,Sister Birsbane Mary,Sister Merrympic, Sister Pennolo and they all are kind to poor kids and they take them and they pay them to go to school and learn more than they ever learn before so they can be smart.

When they do pray some of the smart Sister’s say can someone come and read the bible lot of the children put there hands up so they got the bible and then started to read.On the show they got the billy-cart they were do a proformas and they were doing really well on the stage and they kept doing good jobs at the stage and they were playing. Kelly thew the matres to Mr Coakley and Mr Coakley was trying to get the matres into the billy-cart box and he didn’t get it in the box so Kelly said come closer so he did and he still didn’t get it in,Kelly said to him come closer to the box and Mr Coakley did a trick he portend to throw the matres and he looked at the box then he but it nicely inside the box.

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