Friday, March 9, 2012

Room7's Assembly

Room7 was ready class was in the hall Ofa said good morning every one and welcome to Room7’s Assembly these are the Room7s news reporter and the news reporter said are you ready Room7 for your rap are yous the King of the raper all the Room7s said yeah yeah yeah we got up on the stage and we were all nervous going out and sing but...... we managed to sing all the song it was so scary out there I was so shy I saw some faces shy too.

After when we finished our song the others haves to join with us. So we had to sit down on the floor and clap altogether and we started with our rap. At the end of the section the news reporter said there names 1 was Angelica 1 was Siliva and 1 was Cathrine and we all said good bye.

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