Friday, June 14, 2013

My swimming day

It’s the first day of swimming for room7. We entered  the courts and when we got to the front of the swimming pool our teacher reminded us to have no T-Shirts on while we’re swimming. The swimming pool had a fog because it was hot. She told us that the year 7's will enter the swimming pool first she then commanded the year 8’s will go and stand by the swimming pool. When it was the year 8’s turn I rushed to the back quickly. It was a bit cold but when the time carried on it got warmer and warmer and it felt like I was still at Tonga. From where I was I could smell the chlorine. I started doing a torpedo and streamline it was my bestest experience in my life. I couldn't breath that much so I kept on looking up. I wish I could have a longer time but it has to be fair because the year 7’s had only 30 minutes and we had 30 minutes too. At the end we had free time for only 4 minutes. I was the last to leave and the last to change into my school uniform.  

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