Friday, November 8, 2013

Narrative Writing

Petelo - THE BIG CUT
Once there was a family who went into the bush. They loved to explore new things. The oldest son wore slippers and the rest didn't. They took heaps of photos, while they were doing that the oldest son went to look for a good spot to have their picnic. They all heard a yell “ ahhhhhhh”, they looked for the oldest son but they couldn't find him until the little sister said “ why can’t we just follow the voice”.

They did what she said but they couldn't because the voice was around them. The dad commanded “ we are going to go separate ways, who ever finds him yell out and tell us where you are”. The oldest son still yelled out in pain, lucky the sister did what she was thinking. She followed the sound and caught him sitting in front of her.

She yelled out “I got him, I got him”, they rushed to the place she was and saw that his feet was dark red. Lucky there was a man who was doing the same thing. He kept a first aid kit just in case something bad happens to him. The family asked for a bandage, he said “oh ok but what had happened.

The son told him that he had stepped on a really big glass. The man had tried to pull out the big glass but the son said it hurts. The mum had called the Ambulance and the Rescue Helicopter. They waited and waited finally they arrived to the bush. The dad was standing in front of the entry sign. He could hear the Ambulance’s siren and Rescue Helicopter.

The dad yelled out “hey over here” and he waved at it. They rushed out with their equipment. There was a lot of bandages inside the Ambulance, the Rescue Helicopter searched for a good spot to land in. The Paramedics ran to the place the oldest son was at. They took out a big tool and pulled out the glass. He yelled in pain again but they pulled until it came out. The Paramedics said “I think someone drank here and cracked the glass where your feet got cut”, they wrapped it with a white long layer. The family thanked them and invited them to go over to there house for the oldest brothers birthday party.       


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