Thursday, March 21, 2013


It was a nice sunny day, all of the St Pius X Student went into the church for Soul Friends mass that we had prepared.After the mass has
ended it was time to get ready for athletics. My house colour was red, and my house team name is Tuis. I was one of the leaders in my team, It was fun being a leader because I could do anything. I was wearing a green wig.  We teamed up with the MIGHTY GECKOS, their house colour was green. Miss G one of the teachers at our school said “Can all of the 12 years can you please go to the far end were Mrs Tui is and you will be doing shot put”. Mrs Tui is my class teacher, The shot put balls was only 2 kg.  I came second in shot put and my best mate Pauliasi came first.

The bell rang it was time for everyone to move on to the next event. We were with Mrs Pole the teacher of Room 4. We did the Optical Course, it was tiring, Mrs Mat one of the helpers was timing us. When it came to my turn I ran as fast as I could, I was hot  but I managed to keep on going until I reached the end. We came second and Geckos came first,. The next step was the High jump. I felt confident to do the high jump and to scared at the same time. “Time to start”  yelled the school principal I ran as fast as I can but I didn’t make it. It was time to go back to our house for lunch, it was nearly time to go home. I was happy for what I got.

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