Friday, May 11, 2012


“This is really bad” it’s a nightmare this is my first time having a nightmare I can’t handle it too scary for me to wake up. “Come Petelo wake up lets go to school” yelled my sister “it's 8.30am now get up” I woke up with frightness looked around “it’s still dark why do you want me to wake up now” . My big bother said “go to sleep” I said “ oh sorry” I went back to sleep had another nightmare same one My sister said “wake up Petelo lets go to school it’s 8.30am now hurry up get up I said it’s still night time but you know what it was actually morning time we came to school.

I drawed out my netbook from my bag on it and looked what was the time it was 6.00am I wanted to go back and sleep so I did. I woke up school was finished ahhh where is my brother and sister looked around at the school hall called their names “Jane Alan” couldn’t find them. I stood and thought for a second “did I come with them ohh their at home” school was closed it was a Saturday went back home they were gone “where are they gone too went to the shopping center no one was there too.

I heard a noise looked at the road no cars no trucks no bus no nothing in the road looked up 10 Airplanes where do you think they are going? I saw binoculars I saw a yellow Hammer coming down the driveway put my hands up it stopped the man said  “can you take me wherever you're going” he said “hop on” I got on it went fast over One hundred I said “where do you think they are going” nowhere go to sleep.

                             THE END

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