Friday, May 11, 2012

Basketball Experience

Bounce Bounce Bounce the Basketball went Room 7 went to the court to play some Basketball “YES” Basketball now “Awesome”. “Hi my name is Bruce and I’m going to show you how to play Basketball.

Basketball is all about having fun sometimes Basketball is about winning right” “YES” we went I was a little bit shy because I thought it was a match for us but its not it was traning.

Bruce asked us “has one of you’s played Basketball” we didn’t answer him and then he said “for fun” we said “yes”. Nearly all of the boys put their hands up and the girls didn’t put their hands up.

First training was to bounce the ball up and down and it was easy and sort of hard. This time Bruce said “this time you’ve got to manage your left”. Some of them were cheating they managed bouncing the ball on their left because they are left handed. Some listened to what Coach Bruce told us, it was really hot because we were sitting down in the hot sun Bruce said we will be in a group he said again oh guys it is time to go now we all said oh I said I had a great time for our first Experience this term. Man  I just can’t wait for next week.

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