Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blood Brothers

VOOM ! VOOM ! went Mr Gleason's Car some of the year 7’s went to Selwyn College they were having a program it was a show it was called The Blood Brothers it was sad and some was scary I nearly cried but...... I didn’t because it was break time some when I got up I searched for Salamona he was behind me. I looked at him he was crying I felt sorry for him.

We went to the bathroom. When we came back from there it was time for act two. That was the time when they were older. The poor brother Mickey went with his older brother Sammy. Sammy is a bad person he was a robber he held a gun in his hand he saw a man coming down the street
so he asked for money but the man said nothing. The man was so scared because the gun was right at his face so the man didn’t give it to him so Sammy shot him. The cops came to get Sammy and Mickey so they both got arrested and took them behind bars.

After when Mickey got out from behind bars he got married so he’s got to take some pills. One day Eddie’s mom which is Mickey’s brother so the mom couldn’t afford both of them both. One day Eddie liked Linda but Linda liked Mickey but Eddie kissed Mickey’s wife Linda Eddie’s mom saw them kiss so she told Mickey. So Mickey went to get the gun which his brother hid next to the stairs. Mickey went and looked for Eddie to kill after when he found Eddie he pointed the gun at him for long they talked for ages two fake policemen came with a fake gun. Mickey shot Eddie and the two policemen shot Mickey too. The gunshot was scary because it was soooo loud we got scared. Mickey’s mom was crying hard out that’s the time I nearly cried it was soo sad.  

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