Tuesday, November 8, 2011



The school holidays seemed short. Sometimes we were really busy but most of the time we slept or we stayed home and watched TV.

A high light for me was on a beautiful Monday when Poni and I were playing games in the house, suddenly I heard a knock. When Poni opened the door it was Sefesi and he said “that are we going to the Tongan Sunday school “. It was important to go because the second Saturday was going to be an important celebration. We sung and acted out our play and perform for the 2ND Saturday of August 2011. So when it was finished I went to get my little baby Selu . I was happy to hold her. When we got home we ate K.F.C and it was really yummy ,especially the chicken and chips.

On the next day,I went to get my mum from the airport because she had been to Tonga for a funnel and the plane landed at 2.00 am so I was sleeping in the car. I was glade to see her at breakfast in the morning.

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